Gamebook list

This is a list of the gamebooks I plan to review. Note the absence of Lone Wolf 21 onwards - although I used to own several of these, I sold them because a) they were worth quite a bit and b) I didn't like them!

Fighting Fantasy

No. Title Author Score (/10)
1 The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone 5
2 The Citadel of Chaos Steve Jackson 6
3 The Forest of Doom Ian Livingstone 3
4 Starship Traveller Steve Jackson 1
5 City of Thieves Ian Livingstone 7
6 Deathtrap Dungeon Ian Livingstone 8
7 Island of the Lizard King Ian Livingstone 5
8 Scorpion Swamp Steve Jackson (USA) 5
9 Caverns of the Snow Witch Ian Livingstone
10 House of Hell Steve Jackson
11 Talisman of Death Jamie Thomson & Mark Smith
12 Space Assassin Andrew Chapman
13 Freeway Fighter Ian Livingstone
14 Temple of Terror Ian Livingstone
15 The Rings of Kether Andrew Chapman
16 Seas of Blood Andrew Chapman
17 Appointment with F.E.A.R. Steve Jackson
18 Rebel Planet Robin Waterfield
19 Demons of the Deep Steve Jackson (USA)
20 Sword of the Samurai Mark Smith & Jamie Thomson
21 Trial of Champions Ian Livingstone
22 Robot Commando Steve Jackson (USA)
23 Masks of Mayhem Robin Waterfield
24 Creature of Havoc Steve Jackson
25 Beneath Nightmare Castle Peter Darvill-Evans
26 Crypt of the Sorcerer Ian Livingstone
27 Star Strider Luke Sharp
28 Phantoms of Fear Robin Waterfield
29 Midnight Rogue Graeme Davis
30 Chasms of Malice Luke Sharp
31 Battleblade Warrior Marc Gascoigne
32 Slaves of the Abyss Paul Mason & Steve Williams
33 Sky Lord Martin Allen
34 Stealer of Souls Keith Martin
35 Daggers of Darkness Luke Sharp
36 Armies of Death Ian Livingstone
37 Portal of Evil Peter Darvill-Evans
38 Vault of the Vampire Keith Martin
39 Fangs of Fury Luke Sharp
40 Dead of Night Jim Bambra & Stephen Hand
41 Master of Chaos Keith Martin
42 Black Vein Prophecy Paul Mason & Steve Williams
43 The Keep of the Lich Lord Dave Morris & Jamie Thomson
44 Legend of the Shadow Warriors Stephen Hand
45 Spectral Stalkers Peter Darvill-Evans
46 Tower of Destruction Keith Martin
47 The Crimson Tide Paul Mason & Steve Williams
48 Moonrunner Stephen Hand
49 Siege of Sardath Keith P. Phillips
50 Return to Firetop Mountain Ian Livingstone
51 Island of the Undead Keith Martin
52 Night Dragon Keith Martin
53 Spellbreaker Jonathan Green
54 Legend of Zagor Ian Livingstone
55 Deathmoor Robin Waterfield
56 Knights of Doom Jonathan Green
57 Magehunter Paul Mason
58 Revenge of the Vampire Keith Martin
59 Curse of the Mummy Jonathan Green
1 The Shamutanti Hills Steve Jackson
2 Kharé - Cityport of Traps Steve Jackson
3 The Seven Serpents Steve Jackson
4 The Crown of Kings Steve Jackson
Wizard-only FF gamebooks
Bloodbones Jonathan Green
Eye Of The Dragon Ian Livingstone
Howl Of The Werewolf Jonathan Green
Night Of The Necromancer Jonathan Green
Stormslayer Jonathan Green

Lone Wolf (by Joe Dever)

No. Title Score (/10)
1 Flight from the Dark
2 Fire on the Water
3 The Caverns of Kalte
4 The Chasm of Doom
5 Shadow on the Sand
6 The Kingdoms of Terror
7 Castle Death
8 The Jungle of Horrors
9 The Cauldron of Fear
10 The Dungeons of Torgar
11 The Prisoners of Time
12 The Masters of Darkness
13 The Plague Lords of Ruel
14 The Captives of Kaag
15 The Darke Crusade
16 The Legacy of Vashna
17 The Deathlord of Ixia
18 Dawn of the Dragons
19 Wolf's Bane
20 The Curse of Naar


  1. That's an impressive list. I look forward to reading your reviews.

    It's OK - you can get the other Lone Wolf books for free from Project Aon if you ever feel the need to review them.

  2. OMG!
    I grew up with these books in the early 80's. As a young artist I would copy and enlarge these pictures to A2 size, still have some of them.
    What a trip down memory lane, THANKyou for these reviews!!!!!!

  3. There is a brand new and exciting gamebook series called Explore-A-Quest, by series creator Anthony Lampe. These books have amazing stories, multiple paths and endings, and are family-friendly.


    Channel U by Anthony Lampe
    Once Human by Anthony Lampe
    Missing Money of Altevia by Timothy Lampe

    Coming in December:

    Lance Cain, Monster Hunter - Curse of the Vampire by M. R. Klass
    Peacemaker: The Absorbing Rock by Sindri Valthorsson

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    The authors are very interactive as well, and love to email their fans.

  4. Any plans to finish?? It's very interesting!

    1. I'll pick it up again at some point... life is very busy at the moment :)

  5. paul (or torallion) when you get to the house of hell game book, use this third version of the map on the internet (it's completely accurate) -