Thursday, 9 August 2012

Dice roller

During a chat with Stuart Lloyd at the Blood of the Zombies book signing last weekend, the subject of dice rolling came up, and I mentioned that I use an Excel adventure sheet for all my playthroughs, with a built-in dice roller. He was curious about this, so I thought I'd upload the dice roller for anyone to use if they wish. It's not sophisticated, and it only rolls 2D6, but it's perfect for Fighting Fantasy. The following website came in very handy when creating this:

Download my dice roller here.


  1. This is where I've been going wrong with my play-throughs, I've been using actual dice. Which, as all tabletop roleplayers know, are controlled by capricious and mean-spirited dice gods that will give you rolls of 1 when you need a 6.

  2. For years I've been using a gamebook manager I designed using Microsoft Access (there were good reasons for using that particular program at the time, okay?). It handles character generation, dice-rolling, combat, Testing your Luck, using Provisions - not absolutely everything, but a lot of the FF-playing baggage.

    Good to see someone else taking advantage of what computers can do to facilitate gamebook play.

    1. I used to love developing random games in Access :) I tend to use spreadsheets for this sort of thing nowadays, but I'd be interested to see/hear more about what you've done.