Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I'm aware I haven't been the fastest blogger in the west lately, having been left in the dust by other newcomers to the Fighting Fantasy playthrough blog party. I've made a start on City of Thieves, and needless to say, the first attempt did not go well, and the second is barely under way.

I have an excuse for my ongoing slackitude, however - I'm getting married this weekend and the panic has well and truly set in. I'm sure I'll be more productive once things have calmed down again though, so watch this space...


  1. Tsk, such slack and unmotivated attitude ;) Nah seriously, congrats and hope it's an excellent weekend :)

  2. You slacker! Getting married? pfff... Just explain to your soon-to-be wife that something important is happening on the internet and you'll be with her shortly.

    Protip: If you can work addressing her as, "woman" into the conversation as well, I find that goes over well.

    In all honesty, deepest congratulations on finding someone special. We... are going to have to revoke your lonely hearts membership card, though. Fork it over. (Maybe I could make a gamebook out of this...)

    Best wishes to you both :)

    1. Thanks for the advice, although I suspect that had I taken it, my adventure would have ended there and then, and I'd have been taking that membership card back...